In 2008 James Michael was created by a team of international jewelry company designers and executives. Based in beautiful Rhode Island, our jazz is design. We develop and manufacture men’s jewelry, pocket watches and women’s jewelry accessories for retailers all over the country.  We are the leader in Men’s Accessories and Timepieces.  James Michael designs and everyone else follows. 

Our passion has resulted in the creation of an amazing collection of James Michael Accessories and Watches featuring;

  • Proprietary Cool Designs
  • Styling ranges from urban to classic, for work or play, fun or sophisticated
  • Various materials such as 18kt gold, 14kt gold, titanium, sterling silver, stainless steel, leather, diamond and basic metals
  • A collection of bracelets, pendants, money clips, cuff links, tie bars, key rings, chains and  an amazing line up of pocket watches that are dialed into a look for everyone
  • Prices that work

Accessories for any gift occasion or just for one's self!